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Upload Cinema lleva a la gran pantalla los mejores videos de Internet. Cada mes desde la web Upload Cinema propone un programa fresco y variado de películas  web vinculadas a un tema en concreto. El público envía sus películas a la web  y un equipo de editores se encargan de seleccionar los mejores videos para hacer un compilación de 90 minutos que se proyectará en cines y localizaciones especiales, mensualmente.

Porqué Upload Cinema? Dónde encontrarnos? Cómo puedo contactar con Upload Cinema? Aquí están  las respuestas a este tipo de preguntas.


Radio Netherlands Worldwide (English)

Five years of YouTube: very popular, but poorly researched

YouTube is marking its fifth anniversary. The main attraction of this video site is the opportunity for instant fame it presents to ordinary people, simply by putting a video up on the site. Humour and entertainment are the main categories on YouTube, but there has hardly been any research into the phenomenon.

Piet Zwart Institute Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University (English)

Upload Cinema

After a well-deserved break, it was time for Upload Cinema. A compilation of the best short films, made exclusively for the internet and submitted during the first year. Upload Cinema, an Amsterdam initiative, can also be seen every first Monday of the month in Rotterdam’s Cinerama.

The Pop Up City (English)

Upload CInema Amsterdam

The contemporary web creates opportunities for for new types of content produced in completely different settings and styles. Every Internet user has the ability to make good stuff and distribute it through the web. There seems to be one rule to become big with your product: quality wins!

Near Future Laboratory (English)

Upload Cinema – Visions of a Future

An interesting proposition — show shorts that are found online, like on YouTube or Vimeo or wherever in a proper, normal, human bricks & mortar theater. That’s what Upload Cinema in Amsterdam does and, darnit..if I was there, I’d go every month.

A Source of Inspiration (English)

Upload Cinema: YouTube with popcorns

With more broadband and the writers strike in Hollywood, 2008 was a great year for online video, from a rising Hulu to the recent peak of 100M Youtube users last month, with no way to ignore the big audience elephant in the room.

Mundo Resink (English)

'The web' - Coming to a cinema near you

Two industries have been squealing non-stop since Internet’s arrival in our homes. We consumers, as seen by most of the major record labels and film production companies, now finally have a means of doing what we’ve probably always yearned for: to rip and steal what they’re paying a lot of money for.

The Next Web (English)

YouTube on the Big Screen. What a Wonderful Idea!

You’ve got to love the Dutch, never running out of ideas and seemingly always a step ahead when it comes to innovation. This time they’ve turned their hands to a worlds first, YouTube at the Cinema, cleverly titled Upload Cinema.